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Welcome to Gisborne

I’m stoked on the t-shirt graphic I did for Crate Clothing and Gisborne surf/skate store Kingpin, check it out! Featuring hand drawn illustrations of Gisborne landmarks for each letter.

The Sheriffs: Bighorn Express

Album art for psychedelic/rock’n’roll band The Sheriffs, with their new album ‘Bighorn Express’. Artwork inspired by and dedicated to the dark, circus-ey, folkish, weird but brilliant lyrics and music created by the bands leader – Hadley Badger. Give it a listen over at

Bowl-a-rama 2015: Shut Up And Create

Check out the art I did for this years Bowl-a-rama: Shut Up and Create in Wellington, NZ. They wanted a mix between the iconic NZ bowl-a-rama tiki and the classic Zorlac graphic ‘Shut Up and Skate’. I wanted this years graphic to stand out amongst all the previous Bowl-a-rama graphics so I chose to use […]